The role of David Luiz in Chelsea revival

Written by Susmin Basnet

David Luiz, a Brazilian centre back was bought by CFC at the beginning of this season. Who would have guessed such a huge role from him in Chelsea resurgence? 

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The transfer has been proved excellent in Chelsea’s favour. He has been a vital player for the team and a strong man to build up the defence line.

In fact, the 3-4-3 formation has strengthened because of the top class defending from the three centre backs. David Luiz, being the centre back seems to have a good co-ordination with the other two defenders. The chemistry is evident in the field.

Only three defenders at the back is a risky thing, but it has been perfect for us since we have a greater number of clean sheets this season. The defending midfielders also contribute in this, but David Luiz has been a strong man at the defence holding the defence line of the team actively.

Essential to break counter attacks

Similarly, he is a player with good stamina as he defends well in counter attacks for the opponents.  Likewise, David Luiz is a player who plays technical fouls which is quite helpful for the team to concede fewer fouls at the dangerous areas saving short range free kicks and penalties too. He has 0.7 fouls conceded/match which are quite remarkable for a defender.

The legendary defender John Terry, a great defender of all time, has failed to be in the starting xi in many matches this season.

That’s a matter of sadness, but David Luiz is no disappointment in the absence of Terry. The Brazilian International has good defending qualities because of which our team has witnessed less number of shots on target / off target this season.

He not only has good protecting qualities but also is a good man in making significant moves for the team. The former PSG player has a pass accuracy of 81% in the PL this season.

The distribution has made a greater impact on the team’s possession in the current season. The regulation of ball between the defenders and midfielders is beneficial for the team which he does quite well.

That’s why he has contributed a lot in the current season and has a vital resource for the team.

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