An open letter to Frank Lampard

Dear Frank,

It is probably cliche of me to say this – but you made me love football and I regret the years I spent watching cricket in my childhood because I didn’t get  to see more of you in your prime.

Frank-Lampard-386930 Featured   You’ve always been a source of constant motivation for me. As someone who wasn’t as gifted naturally as other golden superstars from a dream England generation – you still stood out amongst most through sheer hard work and commitment.

Though we’ve always been thousand miles apart – I have always sensed there is a connection between us. When the tear drops fell from John Terry’s eyes and you soothed him; you’re a big brother to the whole Chelsea fanbase and not just our captain.

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As emotions come by, there’ll be no moment more poignant than that night in Stamford Bridge. We’re in sorrow together when your mother passed away and there has hardly ever been a more touching goodbye gift than the penalty that you scored that put us through our first Champions League final. I wished we’d won that final for Pat.

The big games seemed comfortable when you’re around. Your perfect timing in front of the goal helped us accumulate victories one after the other. You’re one of a kind and while we are currently top of the league, we’re still to have a player who fills in your shoes and we probably never will.

You captained us in the biggest night of Chelsea Football Club – and the calmness and charisma you showed in the night helped settle our nerves in what was a stern test for all of us. There was no player more deserving than you to hold that trophy in Munich.

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As far as I go, Frank Lampard is synonymous to Chelsea Football Club and when you wore that Manchester City shirt playing against us, it was heart-wrecking to say the least. The fact that you scored against us made it even worse and there were times when I was angry with you. But I hope you forgive me.

You deserved a life-time contract at Chelsea but football has gone a different path now. People talk about lacking loyalty from players; but the loyalty from clubs is seldom spoken about.

I’ve always detested people who have short memories when it comes to football but it was certainly double standard of me to spill my anger towards you for the faults of my football club.

Mourinho diverged all our affections for you by mentioning that love stories are over once a player joins a rival club. But Mourinho has never been more wrong. The love story between a club legend – someone who gave the best years of his footballing career to win trophies and rewrite the history of football club – and the club will never end.

You are Mr. Chelsea and will always be.

“Tigers never get old” – is a phrase that perfectly defines you as a player. Though, you’ve decided to hang up your boots now; I’m sure you still have years of football left in you.

My wishes of watching you play for the Chelsea crest will now never come true – but I hope I’ll book a flight to London one day  to watch you managing Chelsea from the stands.

Your commitment and loyalty towards the club is all a football fan can ask. I can’t thank you enough for making me love Chelsea. Once a blue, always a blue! 

Take care, old man!

To Chelsea’s greatest.


A fan from the Himalayas. 

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